Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What My Books Are About

When someone hears I've written books, the first thing they ask is, "What are they about?"

You can tell they hope the answer is "zombies."

When I tell them they're essays and memoirs, they look confused. Zombies they could understand; memoirs could mean anything.

My stories are about moments from my childhood/teen years/early 20s that felt like art even as they were happening, if only because they would shape the person I would become.

I was a youngest daughter growing up in the suburbs of Seattle. I was an overly curious, sugar filled chatterbox.

What has changed is that now I'm older.

Some of my stories involve having a crazy mother. You may be wincing at my use of such a common term as "crazy," and I hear you. But once you've lived with someone who insists she has actual wings under her skin, honey, you get to use any word that gets you through the day.

Some of my stories feature a backdrop of a 1970s childhood. They feature elements you may recognize, with love, from your own life, wherever you're from, and no matter your age. That's because the stories are true, with real people who were flawed but often wonderful.

Those are the memoirs. The essays are reflections about ordinary life: sometimes serious and often amusing, because that's how life is.

My two collections are on Amazon and each one features a free story you can read, to find out if you like it. To sample Green Shoes Mean I Love You, go to and to sample Starfish On Thursday, go to

But wait, just to make things more confusing, I've also written a biography of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe. You can read a free sample of that one by clicking on

I hope my stories give you a smile and if you'd like to learn more, I hope you'll visit

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