Friday, January 30, 2015

My Sweet Babies

Ha ha, and they are my babies. If you'd like to purchase either of them you can go to the link below and just click on a button. Here is a secret: I wrote the first one, Green Shoes, out of spite! This is true. The guy I was dating didn't think my writing was important and I thought it was. I highly recommend spite and I think it is underrated. I wrote the second one, Starfish, because I needed a project to get my mind off an old flame.(It only half worked)  I guess you could say both of these were like therapy for me. It was either that or start smoking again or drown my sorrows in


Trudy Conway said...

BEST reason EVER to write a book. Next month, I'm going to start supporting the Arts. I'm getting some of your writing. So there! :-)

Amie Ryan said...

Aww Trudy thank you. I hope you like it!