Wednesday, May 5, 2021

NYC Midnight 100 word Microfiction Challenge


This is something I'm going to be participating in, starting next week. It's a worldwide writing contest, open to anyone with internet. I've always been curious to try writing microfiction, which involves telling an entire story with very limited word count, usually 1000 words or less. In this contest, entrants are limited to 100 words and will be sent an email at 11:59pm EST containing the specific requirements for the story: the genre it must be written in, a specific word which must be included in the story, and an action which also must be included. So for example, the email might specify: horror fiction, the word pickle, and the action of packing a suitcase. Entrants then use those 3 things to create a 100 word story which must be submitted within 24 hours.

I think I read this is the third year they've done this contest. The first year they had 6,000 entrants, the second year 7,600, so this year it could be around 8,000 people. There are three rounds to the contest. On May 14 the first round begins and out of those entries they'll narrow it down in July and those finalists will do it again: get the email with the 3 specifics, write another 100 word story and submit it within 24 hours, and out of those it will be narrowed down one last time and those finalists will write a third story, the same way, with 15 winners chosen.

The prizes for the top 15 are pretty great: all of them get writing software and cash prizes ranging from $50 up to $4000 for the 1st place winner. The entry fee isn't too steep: $27, and $2 of that goes to a charity of your choice--I picked Doctors Without Borders. If you're interested in signing up for this contest, you can get more information at:

I'm not very hopeful about my chances because this format is new to me, but it sounds like fun and the first round begins about 24 hours after I'm scheduled to get my second dose of the Moderna vaccine, when I might be feeling pretty cruddy, so this will be a good distraction. 😊

I'll be posting my 100 word story here on the 15th. To me, microfiction always sounds incomplete, like someone only gave me a paragraph of a story and are denying me the rest, so I guess if I do it correctly, mine might sound like that also. Anyway, cross your fingers!

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