Saturday, May 15, 2021

My microfiction entry

Okay, so I tried a new thing, writing microfiction, and it was every bit as tricky as I had suspected it would be. There are 6,932 writers worldwide in this year's competition and they separated it into about 100 different story suggestions. The specific direction I had to follow was Genre: horror, word that had to be used in story: provide, and Action that had to take place in story: Planning a wedding. I think my story is more "kinda creepy" than Horror, but I'm hoping it's close enough.

(Warning: I always think microfiction sounds unfinished, and mine sounds the same, but 100 words isn't a lot to work with)

As promised, I'm sharing it with you here. Coming in at exactly 100 words:


At first, his ex hadn't recognized him. He'd refilled her coffee and she'd barely looked up, just kept planning a wedding with the dude sitting beside her.

He hovered nearby, waited through roses or tulips, indoor or outdoor, and then she looked up, and her expression turned to dread.

She waited for him to provide her beau with dark details from her past.

He loved seeing her scared, always had, but she wasn't his problem anymore. He said nothing.

A week later, he read the story: How her groom had murdered her on their wedding night. 

He smiled: problem solved.

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