Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Kindle Vella

I wanted to tell you about a brand new thing Amazon will be trying out in the next couple of months. It's called Kindle Vella and it will be a way readers can enjoy stories published in installments, just like Samuel Clemens used to do it. 

The way it will work for you, the reader, is this: to try it out, you'll go to either Kindle or amazon.com and then you'll decide which one of 15 different story types you'd like to try: thriller, scifi, etc. Then you'll be given a bunch of options of stories to try out. The cover page will include a description of the plot and then you'll be able to read several installments of that story for free. Each installment will be between 600-5000 words. After you've read the free installments, you'll have the option of continuing to read more installments of the story by purchasing tokens. The pricing of the tokens will end up being about one dollar for each installment after the freebies.

Amazon is trying this out with America based KDP authors first, and later will expand this to include other Amazon channels worldwide.

Do you think you would like reading a book this way? Each of us KDP authors received an invitation to participate and I'm thinking I might do it. Here's a link to tell you more about the Kindle Vella program: https://kindlepreneur.com/kindle-vella/ I'm curious to hear your thoughts about this. It sounds like authors still have a lot of questions about it but no one wants to miss out, just in case it might turn out to be a big thing.

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