Friday, December 11, 2020

What TaleFlick Books Look Like On The Site

My book, Starfish On Thursday, is still on TaleFlick, where I hope it will be optioned again for a series or feature film. This week I added my book Storyteller to the site. I thought you might find it interesting to see what it looks like for a producer when they go onto TaleFlick to check out a book. When submitting a title, authors fill out a long questionnaire about the book, and this creates the information producers will see. For Storyteller, it looks like this:

Authors used to have just one option when submitting a book to Taleflick but now they have several different packages, several of which cost more than cars I have owned. Since I try to follow my own rule, The Vegas Rule, I didn't opt for one of those. I went for one of the more basic packages. (Hey, the lowest priced one worked for me last time, so what can I tell you). One excellent question is: how long should you keep your books on this site? Should you continue to renew your plan every year, if you haven't gotten a bite from a producer? I don't know. This is actually my Round Three, so I'm very interested in this question. Cross your fingers!

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