Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Checking Up On The Books

This is something I do every so often: I go to my Kindle Digital Publishing Bookshelf page and I check up on my books, very much the way you might want to check and see how your kids are doing. First I go to my Bookshelf page:

and this page shows the books I have on Amazon. If I want to see how each book is doing in each Amazon market, I click on where it says VIEW ON AMAZON, see, right beneath the price, and then it gives me this menu: 

This lists each of the different Amazon sites, such as Amazon Canada or Amazon France, etc. When I click on one of those it shows me the book on that site and I can see if there are any new reviews. If the book has had any sales on that site, it will also show me what the book's ranking is, and in which categories. 

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