Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Option Was Dropped. What Happens Now?

Last week began with learning Fortitude International was not renewing the TV/Film option for Starfish On Thursday. The rest of the week was spent accepting the fact that Show Business is a business.

Both Starfish On Thursday and Green Shoes Mean I Love You are back in the TaleFlick procurement catalog, available to be optioned. In fact, yesterday I wrote my first Development Pitch, for Green Shoes. In it, I highlighted the fact that addiction affects many families in America and a series with a character you can't decide if you love or hate is a series a lot of viewers can relate to.

My stories are true and many of them feature my mother. She was an addict but she was a complex person with many qualities, both good and bad. That's the case with most people who suffer from addiction. Frequently her addiction drowned out all of her other qualities, because that's what addiction does. Everyone close to her, and especially the people who loved her, suffered from her addiction.

My family's story is the story of many families across the US. I continue to believe many viewers will recognize their own lives in these stories and that many people suffering from addiction will see themselves in these stories. Most of all, the central character of the child loves her addicted mother and continues to love her and hope for her long after the child is an adult and seemingly should have learned better.

A show based on these books should be a captivating, gritty, uncomfortable show that makes viewers think. The character of my mother would be a delicious role for an actress who seeks to show off her range and maybe get some awards for the effort.

Will another production company option one or both of the books? I'm hopeful this will happen. These books are like my babies, and you don't give up on your babies.

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